Launching 2019

Exclusively from The Scottish Salmon Company

'Machair' unique dune grassland, Pabay Sound (Caolas Phabaigh), Valtos, Isle of Lewis

Native Hebridean Smoked packs


A unique taste of the Scottish Islands. Cured, Matured & Smoked in Stornoway

A unique taste of Scotland, Freshly Cured & Kiln Smoked on the Hebridean Islands.

We cure & kiln smoke only award winning ‘Native Hebridean Salmon’, farmed in the stormy waters of the Scottish Hebridean Islands and delivered fresh to our Stornoway Smokehouse.

Fresh salmon fillets, still receptive and yielding, allow our subtle cure of finely crushed sea salt and amber crystals of Demerara sugar to absorb into the tender flesh. Our salmon sides are then laid out by hand in anticipation of the aromatic oak kiln smoke.

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